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When it comes to marketing there is no guarantee. The best statisticians, analysts, and marketing minds still have to undertake the risk of whether their chosen marketing channel will produce the results they desire. Marketing is more than producing large quantities of leads. Anyone can get 1,000s of leads, but if they do not convert then the investment has been wasted. Likewise, if you spend 10x more than a conversion is valued you have also lost investment. Bottomline is marketing needs to produce conversions at a cost that allows them to make the company a profit.

Our team at HCA works hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure they get the best ROI. So, what are the 3 keys to HCA’s Risk-Removal marketing?

1. Fixed Cost

When you enter a partnership with HCA there are no hidden fees, costs per click, or unexpected “billing hours.” Based upon the volume of potential patients you want to receive at your Open Houses and events HCA sets a rate that is fixed. This price is not for a list of cold leads, or unqualified names. Rather, the process ensures you will receive highly qualified, potential patients who are eager to participate in the Value-Based Care model you provide. Partnering with HCA allows you to only pay for potential patients who have already been pre-qualified and are actively seeking to participate in VBC.

2. Established Budget

At HCA we understand you have a budget and can’t keep endlessly funneling funds into marketing. During the planning stage of our partnership, we forecast the number of potential patients you can anticipate at your Open House events within the allocated budget. With other marketing efforts you may spend the entire budget as you tirelessly try to generate leads and end a campaign with little ROI. However, with the highly qualified potential patients HCA will send to your organization you will know in advance what to expect. Wouldn’t it be great to know that your next Open House will be filled and prior to the event already knowing the cost? Although, we can’t guarantee individuals will become patients, we have provided them with valuable information and helped them identify the vast benefits of the VBC model. Again, with other marketing efforts typically you spend and only hope and anticipate what the event turnouts will be in the end. HCA takes the worry out of your event planning.

3. Growth Forecast

Contrary to many in the marketing industry, HCA understands that too many potential patients at one time can be counterproductive. Other marketing efforts will produce a mass volume of leads with no understanding of each stage an individual is at within the conversion cycle. However, HCA collaborates with you to ensure our marketing results align with your organizations ability to capitalize upon each potential patient and close the conversion cycle. Not only will HCA collaborate with you to forecast the quantity of potential patients, but our team will assist your team in effectively working each individually.

Have your marketing efforts stalled? Has your budget been shattered with countless marketing tactics that are not producing the results your organization expects? Do you need to increase your ROI? Take the time to reach out to our dedicated team and learn how HCA can streamline your marketing and help you grow your practice. We take all the upfront risk for you.

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