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Marketing is a fickle field and when an organization has hit a wall with their current marketing strategies it can have a crippling impact. How does a partnership with HCA help your organization jump start your growth? Let’s take a look at the reasons our partnership can provide the boost your organization needs.

  1.  3rd party branding: Let’s face it, we have all seen advertisements on tv, in magazines or along the road that become so familiar we have become numb to their intended message. Even the best marketing slogans and strategies lose impact over time. This fact is why corporations spend millions, even billions, on fresh and innovative ad programs. Your organization is no different. The potential patients you are marketing may need and want the VBC model you are offering, but they have become numb to hearing the name and message. A partnership with HCA offers the ability to reach this pool of potential patience with our marketing approach. Our proprietary process has proven to reinvigorate stalled markets and produce volumes of potential patients to your Open Houses and events.

  2. Change is not always easy for people, and just telling someone that VBC is great or sharing how your organization is different than their current provider is not enough. One of the key impacts of effective marketing is to demonstrate a need and how to meet that need. As a partner with HCA you will be provided with potential patients that have identified needs that your organization is uniquely able to meet. At each educational seminar our presenters identify the benefits from your organization and highlight those as missing in the potential patients’ current health care model. By identifying the need in their lives, we then match those to your unique VBC model and help them meet their needs.

  3. An investment in knowledge. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Your partnership with HCA makes this a reality. The HCA team is committed to the very benefit of educating your potential patients and providing them with the knowledge to understand the benefits of the VBC model. As the late Steve Jobs admonished, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” HCA’s process spends time building relationships with your potential patients, identifying their needs, and showing them how you can meet those needs. We, in fact, educate them about The Way Health Care Should Be. 

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