Why is it so hard to get time with your doctor?

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The more we talk to seniors like you, the more we hear about how difficult it is for you to get in to see your doctor. In the current health care system, the average primary care physician has 2,000+ patients in their practice. As a result, they simply don’t have enough time to spend with each patient. 

If you’re lucky enough to get an appointment when you need it, the other thing we frequently hear is that you feel rushed during your appointment, leaving the doctor’s office without getting all of your questions answered. As doctors often only get to spend around 17 minutes with each patient, it’s easy to see why patients are feeling this way!

Some articles we’ve read even suggest that half of that time is spent with doctors entering notes into their laptops and taking health records. And since many seniors only see their primary care physician three times in a 12-month period, that means they’re getting less than an hour each year with one of the people most responsible for their overall health. We don’t think that’s enough time, and the doctors at our partner practices agree.

Senior-focused doctors have dedicated their practices to serving seniors. They see fewer patients and spend more time face-to-face developing deeper relationships. Many of the doctors we’ve spoken to have experienced these 2,000-patient practices. They are tired of only seeing patients a few times a year and only seeing people when they’re sick. They would much rather treat the whole patient rather than just the symptoms. 

We agree with this approach, and that’s why we’re working hard to connect seniors like you with physicians who will help you get healthier. Reach out today to get started.

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