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“Efforts to enhance customers’ service knowledge and provide them with the skills and abilities to use critical information can help companies differentiate their service offerings and provide a strong foundation on which to build trusting relationships with customers.”- Andreas Eisingerich and Simon Bell of Sloan Review.

In today’s society, a wealth of information is abundantly available to almost everyone. For marketing, that can be both a positive and a negative. The negative is simple: the consumer can weed out all the nonsense and false claims that the content throws at them. When you have an outstanding service with rewarding benefits such as value-based care (VBC), the positive is that the consumer can learn what they are missing out on.

Importance of Value-Based Care Education 

A partnership with Health Care Advantage (HCA) allows you to team up with us so your prospective patients are well informed “consumers.”  

Time and time again we speak with individuals who have heard about VBC, but were unaware of how it works, that they were qualified, or that it was available to them locally. Our events offer value-based care education to inform them of what VBC is. They also leave with an understanding of where they can find value-based care right in their own neighborhood. 

When we meet with prospective patients and conduct educational events for them to learn about VBC, we believe the more they know the better for our partners. Our process provides prospective patients with a wealth of knowledge to equip them in choosing the health care model that is best for them. This puts them back in the drivers seat of their care and empowers them to make a choice that could drastically improve their outcomes.  

Inevitably, as we are educating, more and more individuals are choosing the VBC model for their care. 

More than Marketing 

HCA is not just a marketing company. We are passionate about sharing the VBC model and believe each individual deserves the best health care possible.  

That’s why at HCA our mission is to continue being “the leader in connecting new patients to value-based care providers.”  

Through our events, we paint a clear picture of not only how the VBC model can add value to prospective patients’ lives, but also how our specific partners can truly improve the care they are receiving regularly. We believe every patient has a story and individual needs. No two patients are alike, and we strive to connect with each and every patient where help is most needed. 

Your prospective patients don’t want to be just a number. HCA believes that process can begin with us.  

When we transfer potential patients to your organization HCA has invested time, energy and resources into building relationships that carryover to you and your events. This means that you have educated, informed potential new patients showing up to your open house or meet and greet that are ready to see what you have to offer and make a decision.   

Connect with the Right Prospective Patients 

Our process is not for everyone and that is why we carefully select our partners. Providing quality, potential patients to our partner’s is important; however, ensuring our partner’s offer services that align to our core values is most important.  

We want our guests to attend our partner’s events excited about the benefits they now understand are available to them because they are exactly the right fit for their needs. Being a VBC practice is required, but offering the correct additional services to enhance the individual’s health care and meet every day needs is essential. 

Want to learn more about partnering with Health Care Advantage? Reach out today.

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